Hunter’s Autism Specials provides services by means of pre-arranged contracts with local businesses, sports venues, learning activities, parks, restaurants, and resort-style venues. Families with members who have Autism can participate in their community and all it has to offer while simultaneously accommodating the needs of their child. Programs are offered via discounts, adjusted reservation policies or modifications that allow total inclusion and facility reviews to provide insight before attendance.​​

 Best Buddies Texas is a school-based program working to partner individual students with a disability with a peer student on the Neurotypical social side. Best Buddies works through Independent School Districts to begin chapters where students can create lasting, enjoyable, one-to-one relationships that will provide social support, social engagement and a critical ‘friendship’ that will follow them through their school-aged years and on into their adult life – even into their college career and further toward integrated employment.

      Above The Wake is a family- owned and operated business since 2014. I started working with kids at the YMCA CAMP TIMBERS in 1991, and my passion for working with kids has never diminished. I coach multiple youth  sports, and realized there were kids out there that needed some extra attention.  I work with disabled adults and that passion has grown within me to work with children with special talents. Above The Wake was started with the intent to give positive experiences on the water to children affected by autism, to aid in recovery as well to put smiles on faces.  We know that all children have potential and are not defined by a diagnosis.

Whether you're looking for an afternoon excursion, a break from reality or special family time, we have the gear and expertise to help you enjoy the great outdoors.

               The Autism Treatment Center was established in Dallas in 1976. Today the Autism Treatment Center provides therapy, adult housing, social support, self-advocacy, educational and work-life experiences for individuals affected by Autism regardless of a family’s ability to pay. They are contracted with 15 school districts in the DFW area to provide education and community resources.